Goddess Retreat | Desert Edition

Have you ever felt like just mayyyybe you're stuck? You want to do something bigger, more creative, more aligned with that fire inside of you? Yeah, me too. Actually us too. A good friend (Kelsi Lavicka) and I decided that we needed a creative outlet away from our "regular jobs". A space to pull community together, get our bodies moving, sweating, collaborating, and inspiring. We pulled a conscious group of badass women together to support and motivate each other to lead our best, most fulfilling lives. 

After a couple trips back and forth to our respective cities (SF and LA) we pulled the trigger on a retreat in Joshua Tree National Park. We wanted something accessible as a weekend trip for our community in both cities. This video shows a glimpse into our Goddess Retreat.

We indulged in healthy community meals, a coffee bar - bulletproof style, green smoothies complete with "moon dusts", hand pressed tortillas and breakfast scrambles made only in your most delicious of veggie-head dreams. 

The mornings started with yoga and meditation overlooking the Joshua Tree National Park while the evenings came to a close with community dinners, deep conversation and belly laughter until the beds called our names. We hiked, journaled, released intentions into a fire and basked in the sounds of singing bowls at a sound bath inside the Integratron. We even had a telescope man come set up his equipment to tell us about the stars and galaxies! Yes, I said telescope man. 

The weekend was nothing short of exceptional. It's amazing what a little physical space can do for the mental space. Out in the desert, you have the opportunity to slow down, contemplate your world, and connect with other inspiring woman about your struggles and celebrations. Because after all, we're all in this together. 

While we enjoyed planning every last detail and holding space for the adventure to unfold, we couldn't have done it without our amazing crew of supporters and friends that joined the journey. Thank you, thank you, thank you. We are so grateful to everyone who came.

Let the next adventure begin!