Life Is Full Of Surprises


If any of you have spent any time around me, you've likely heard stories of my grandmother. She's a wild one, that lady. She has forever been a part of my heart, my shoulder to lean on,  my listening ear, and my inspiration to push the boundaries of this precious thing we call life. My grandmother (Ty-Ty) went sky-diving on her 70th birthday, decided to go back to school at the age of 68, and chose to live in the middle of Mexico (San Miguel de Allende) for the last 6 years. She's a firecracker to say the least.

I have seen men in and out of her life, each one more enamored with her than the previous. They kiss the ground she walks on, but she just (lightly) tramples on. She's never given them any interest. She politely declines each man and walks independently into the horizon with grace. A man has really got to make your heart pump after all! They simply haven't been enough. 

Now, mind you, my grandmother is not interested in dating at this point in her life. She is happily settled in Mexico with a beautiful life, an incredible little dog, and an always evolving group of friends...oh and she's 79. She is perfectly content, and certainly not looking for love.

But all of a sudden... cupid struck. A man from her past called her up (35 years later) at the age of 90 years old to tell her that he has always loved her and needs to see her. Alas, he flew to her side and eight hours later they were in love. I mean, big time love. I've never seen my sweet Ty-Ty more giddy then she is right now. She's putting perfume on, slicking pink lipstick across her lips, and brushing her beautiful white mane into alignment. It's adorable.

After a whirlwind of a meeting, she flew to California to be by his side at the Beverly Hills Bel Air for the weekend (where I just HAD to join. How could I not?!) Again, heart sinks. She has really fallen hard. 

A week later and she is MOVING TO CALIFORNIA. Can you believe it? WHO, at the ripe young age of 79 moves COUNTRIES to be with her (seemingly) one-true-love. This is just bananas. Ripe, mushy, bananas.

Now, I can't say I'm surprised. This is the Ty-Ty way. She's full of adventure, full of life, full of every good thing this world has ever given to a human. She is my everything. And I am overjoyed to watch her next adventure begin. 

I am using her story as a reminder to always stay open, always allow love to flow in whatever form and at whatever time it is meant to, and never, for one single second, think that the world doesn't have (welcomed) surprises in store. There is love and adventure all around us. All we have to do is be willing to receive it. 

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