Stay Fluid

Grandmothers have the best advice. They have been to the highest of peaks and lowest of valleys, yet somehow managed to come out the other end with an optimistic attitude about the adventures life has in store for us. Or at least my grandmother does...

(Have you noticed how obsessed I am with my grandmother?!)

I have recently been hitting road blocks in one area of my life and reached out to my always entertaining confidant for some sound advice. Que, grandma Ty-Ty. You see, I carry a particularly strong impulsive spontaneity in my bones. Sometimes this is my best quality, at others it’s my worst. I’d like to think that I’m always being responsible and keeping “life” in check but the truth is, I’m not. Occasionally I just leap and hope that the net will appear. Luckily, it has thus far… but what happens if it doesn’t? There is the “responsible one” on my other shoulder telling me all the ways in which this potential decision doesn’t make sense.

Zero. None.

Just before a major jump I find myself doubting the dreams I’ve been so thrilled to share with the world. In this place of excitement, inspiration, and the occasional near-hurling experience I find fear. Yep, there she is in all her terrifying glory. It’s fear of failure, fear of regret, fear of not accomplishing what I set out to do, and worse yet, not knowing what I’m setting out to do. Recently grandma Ty-Ty has reminded me to stay fluid. When those words came across my screen (yes, we text all day) I paused. That’s exactly it!

Just. Stay. Fluid.

Remember that life ebbs and flows. Don’t be scared to take a chance because odds are you’ll most likely go down, and come back up — perhaps even higher. I once heard Gabrielle Bernstein speak and she mentioned that “it’s this or something better”. Let that sink it.

It’s this or something better.

There is no use clinging to the stability of that job, that relationship, or that particular location because it feels like that is what you should do. You have to stay fluid. There are forces beyond our control that will always pull us away from center. There are obstacles to course correct us and spring boards to sky rocket us for a reason. We are here to LIVE. We are here to inspire, create, manifest, and enjoy.

And when you leave this world, that’s that. You’re not taking that stability with you, that job with you, or that stack of cash you worked so hard to make but didn’t spend with you. Tomorrow is not promised to anyone.

We are not here to get stuck in our heads about what if, not now, when-then situations. We are here to go after the pulls the universe is providing. They are there for a reason. I urge you to chase that thing you’re scared to do, because what if it is your best adventure yet? You never know until you try.

Go on and get the damn thing.

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