Travel Hacks For "The Healthy"

I'm gearing up for a big adventure abroad, and while I'm beyond excited (!!) I'm also fearful of the stomach issues that have accompanied my vacations in the past. Unfortunately no matter how much travel I do, my stomach doesn't seem to get stronger. Instead, quite the opposite. Anytime I get out of routine the internal fire kicks into high gear and I end up caught in a vicious cycle of stomach pains, intense bloating and the inability to poop.

I said it. Poop. Get over it.

And while I'm still not at 100%, I have gathered a few tricks along the way to keep me sane. When I'm diligent about staying on top of my digestion game, everything is more enjoyable. Travel is such an amazing opportunity! You don't want to  miss the gems because you're thinking about your stomach.

Let's change that, shall we?! Here are some tried and true Mind Right travel hacks that help keep issues at bay. 



I generally take a probiotic everyday, but when I'm traveling I make sure to up the dosage. It doesn't suffice to just buy any ol' one on the shelf either. Ideally you're ingesting a therapeutic strength probiotic. There are tons of products out there that you're simply just ingesting and peeing out. Make sure your probiotic isn't one of them! This is so important. When you are traveling, especially oversees, you are exposed to a wide variety of microbes that you aren't typically in contact with. On top of that you're likely in new time zones, new sleep routines, and eating out all the time. This brings a whole host of other stressors on the body and your immune system gets weakened.  The best probiotics are refrigerated (and live) but the CLEAN program has a good one to use for travel that doesn't have to be kept cold. 



This is a given, but seriously you guys. HYDRATE. When I underestimate the amount of water I need I end up tired, lethargic, and headache-y (that's a word in my vocabulary). Make sure that you're drinking tons of water before, during and after the flight. None of this "I don't want to wake up the person next to me to let me out for the bathroom" bullshit. I'm not having it. You need to take care of yourself. While the actual travel day is very important, make sure that you're also taking in enough water on the first day you're away. It will keep energy levels in check and ensure you don't dehydrate your system after the change in environment. Sip on warm lemon water and green (no sugar) juices if you can, but not alcohol. Please, don't drink alcohol (I can hear you screaming at me already). This only aids in the chaotic internal environment and dehydrates you further. Try to stay away for at least the travel day.



I know I've already told you about the poop problem so I'm just going there... I can't poop without greens powder while traveling.  I don't know if it's just me, but greens powder works! I make sure to bring single serving packets with me (I love Macro Greens) and pour it into water first thing in the morning. When I'm home I don't always have green's powder and I definitely don't ever take it straight, but while I'm away it's a necessity. Like clockwork... water, greens powder, coffee, poop. And no, it wasn't the coffee that kept the bowels moving. I've tried the equation without the greens with no luck. 



I'm definitely not an advocate for pajamas on the plane, but I do think you need to be comfortable. Wear soft clothing that allows your skin to breathe. It's important to be comfortable while cramped in a tube jetting through the sky. But please, no sweat pants. You're better than that! I like to have a scarf that can double as a blanket, some essential oils, and a cozy coat in my carry on. If I'm going long distances I always make sure to pack face wash (or face towelettes), a toothbrush and moisturizer. Coat yourself in some luxury to calm the system. 



The timezone that is. The day I'm traveling I try to adjust to the new timezone I'm traveling to. I go through the day as if it is already the time of where I am going. That could mean taking a nap because it's the middle of the night where I'm headed or refraining from falling asleep to sync up with the next place my feet land. It's super helpful to not lose too much time to the dreaded jet-lag. To that point, once you're there be there. Don't keep comparing your time to the time back home. You're not doing yourself any favors, promise. 


Enjoy your travels friends! And please, don't. ever. stop. traveling.

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