You've Made A Right Turn Somewhere

Oh, home. It’s a funny place isn’t it? What is it anyways? Is it the place where you were physically born? The house you grew up in? Is it the mountains that raised you in favor of the waters you eventually moved to? Perhaps it is the feeling of comfort in an unfamiliar setting, the recognizable scent of a family member when you go in for a long embrace, or the first breath of the crisp mountain air that solidified your roots. Home is there. Home is here. Home is everywhere.

I’m “home” in Boulder, Colorado and it feels like everything has changed yet nothing at all. It’s the same place holding the same feelings but I’m completely different. Now, this isn’t technically where I’m from, but it’s where I spent a handful (seven to be exact) of important years growing into the woman I am today. In Boulder I found yoga, I found healthy living, healthy eating and healthy being. I found an incredible group of friends, my first real heartbreak, divorce (my parents), sadness, solitude, resilience, strength, and ultimately hope. I found my hippie side, my frisky side and my balls-to-the-walls determined side. It was here, in this beautiful high altitude that I found out what I’m made of.

Five years ago I left Boulder to chase my dreams in New York City. Standing here now feels like a damn accomplishment. I achieved what I set out to do, and it wasn’t so big and scary after all. It never is, is it? Now I'm right back where I started chasing something else. Boulder is a gentle reminder that the end goal isn’t everything. When you go after your goals it’s possible you’ll discover new ideas, new dreams, and new curiosities along the way. The destination really is not what you're after anyways. The journey is your everyday reality. The journey holds the moments that matter.

I’m using Boulder as a gentle reminder that there is far more in store than what you ever thought possible. Life has an impressive way of serving you what you need and opening up doors you never dreamed existed. You can (and should) go out and chase those big lofty goals. But please, remember to enjoy the process. Enjoy the speed bumps, pitfalls, the highs and lows. Sit in (and learn from) the disappointments. Get excited by the unexpected turns when they show up at your doorstep. They are all there for a reason. There’s a lot of life to live out there. Don’t ever, for a single second, think that you’ve taken a wrong turn. You’re right here. Right now. Exactly as you should be.

Congratulations party people. You’ve made it from star dust to a living being. You’ve clearly made a right turn somewhere. I think you’re going to be juuuuuuuust fine. Warrior on and enjoy the ride.

… and find your way “home” once in a while. It feels damn good to realize how far your roots have taken you.

lifestyleEmilie Talermo