All I Ever Wanted Was Everything


The career, the relationship, the child(ren), the money, the fame, the experiences, the time.

All I ever wanted was everything.

And in some ways I grew up thinking that everything was an option. That if you work hard enough, go fast enough, push far enough you might just get it all. But the truth is, the integrity is gone, because at that point everything becomes surface. Its a check mark in a box rather than a beat of the heart.

I get it. I totally see why you can’t “have it all”, but on the flip side I feel a deep sense of disappointment knowing it’s not an option. How are you supposed to be a high powered career woman traveling the world, and also raising children with all your love and heartfelt attention? There’s only one body, twenty four hours in a day, and a finite amount of brain and heart space to make it all happen.

Herein lies the challenge. I do, however, think it’s possible to “have it all” with a bit of life-rearrangement and aligned choices to get you where you want to be goin. It’s possible that the city, the job, the income may look a bit different than you imagined but take a good hard look at what you’re wanting and why you’re wanting it. Your current climate is laying the groundwork for your future life so play wisely.

It’s just as important to know the why as it is the what. You may realize that (like me) the “high powered CEO” doesn’t need to look like one that is leading the charge on a massive company. Perhaps, it’s leading the charge on your own company. One of five people and a whole lot of heart rather than 5000 without a soul.

Recognize the steps you need to take and make aligned decisions to move towards those goals. It won’t always be black and white. And sure, sometimes you won’t know why you’re sticking to something or bailing on something other than the fact that you “feel” it’s right. Trust that. Lean into that. Know that THAT is exactly what your compass should be.

It’s ok to want it all, and to have it all, and to be and do it all. But perhaps not all at once. Keep your eyes and heart on what truly matters to you. The decisions you make along the way are the stepping stones to your dreams. Success requires moving with intent.